Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learning about the Lowcountry

In case you're not on Facebook or you've missed the photos I've posted there, I have to share these crazy photos with you.  (Plus, I thought they would be a nice contrast to my recent posts that were rather feminine in nature.) 

Shortly after Kevin and I moved to South Carolina, I discovered this gator who lives in my friend's neighborhood.  Yes, the gator LIVES IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  I know it sounds insane, but apparently it is totally normal here.  So, the first ten or so times I saw this gator, here is what he looked like.

Scary, yes.  Terrifying, not really...since he always seems to be stationary and about this far away from the road.  See below.

In case you are wondering what I was wondering the first time I saw this guy, here's a neighborhood sign to let you know why he has not been REMOVED from a neighborhood full of adults, children and pets. 

Yep, these dangerous creatures are PROTECTED.  I guess that's understandable, but I would like to know who or what is protecting all of the HUMANS from the alligators!  No one has been able to answer that question.  However, I have been informed by several people that in the event that you are being chased by an alligator, run in a zig zag line and the gator will be less likely to catch you.  Awesome.

Now to what I hope was a once in a lifetime experience.  While I was driving through the same neighborhood a couple of weeks ago (where our friends Diana & Chase live), THIS is what I witnessed. 


AHHHHHH!!!  I could hardly believe my eyes!!  So, this means it DOES move around and it COULD chase me down, Kevin O'Brien!  The bottom of the photo is the front of my car...that is how close we were to this ferocious thing! 

UNFORTUNATELY...I'm sure I'll see you later, alligator.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Be our guest!

Kevin and I absolutely love visits from friends and family, so I am very happy to say we have two guest bedrooms ready and waiting for visitors!  Here is a photo of the first guest bedroom.  It still needs some decor, and the furniture needs to be sanded down then painted black...but here's a glimpse of how the accent wall looks with the bedding.  I know the color is really bold, but this neutral bedding really needs a splash of color behind it.

p.s. The mattress is new and extremely comfortable!