Thursday, July 22, 2010


To celebrate our 1 year anniversary (Sunday, July 25th), we've started a blog! Some of our friends and family members have encouraged us to start one so that we can keep everyone up to date while we live far away, and we have finally decided to do it. We can't promise that it will be the most entertaining blog, but we hope that you will enjoy hearing our latest news and seeing photos of what we're doing in San Diego. We always love to hear what’s going on in your lives, so we want you to share your latest and greatest news with us, too! Because we’ve had so much fun over the past 12 months, I thought an appropriate first post would be a recap of our first year as husband and wife. (We promise that future posts will not be this lengthy!) If you'd like to see more photos, go to Since blogs post the most recent entry first, I started our recap in the current month and worked my way back to July '09. Enjoy!
JULY 2010

I got to meet Jen & Jay's new baby boy, Athan Felker!

Jared & Reagan Johnson's Wedding

We finally met little Miss Mia Hays!

JUNE 2010

Trying to be a Marine on Jane Wayne Day

Kevin's sister, Erin, and cousin, Morgan, visited!

Del Mar Fair & Beer Festival with San Diego friends
MAY 2010

Our dear friends, Diana & Chase, got married!

Kevin and buddies at Jeff & Phoebe's Wedding

APRIL 2010

Kevin flying in the F/A-18D Hornet!
MARCH 2010

My Mom & Dad visited again, and we went to the famous San Diego Zoo! How cute are they?

We spent our 1st Valentine's Day as 1st Lt. & Mrs. in Los Angeles.


My birthday dinner at Donovan's Steak & Chop House


We met Amanda & Josh's baby girl, Abigail!

Johnson Family Christmas in Meno
(We need to convince Kevin's side of the family to take pictures with us when we're together!)

Our first Christmas as the O'Briens...the day before we flew to Oklahoma!

We had our first visitors in SD - My Mom, Dad & Brother, Adam!


Medlinger (my Mom's side) Thanksgiving in Midwest City

My parents gave us their OU vs. OSU football tickets! What a great game!

Our 1st USMC Birthday Ball as husband & wife

We moved to beautiful SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA!

Stopped to see the Grand Canyon during our cross country trip.

While Kevin was at SERE school in Maine for 2 weeks, I spent time in Tulsa. I met Keely & Tyler's daughter, Gentry, just a couple of hours after she was born! She is 1 day old in this photo.


I met Kimmy & Caleb's baby boy, Logan, when he was only 4 days old!

House-hunting trip to San Diego


Kevin blowing out his 27 birthday candles! (Look at that Pensacola kitchen)
HONEYMOON in paradise/St. Lucia!

JULY 2009

Kevin's winging ceremony - Pensacola, FL
We tied the knot...July 25, 2009! :)