Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The "NOISE" you hear...

I'm working on a post with pics from our cross-country drive, but while you're waiting (ok, I'm sure no one is actually waiting, but since I'm trying to post more frequently) here's one photo that deserves its own post.  Check out the last line on this sign.
I love my husband....and I love his passion for our country.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our apartment in San Diego

I intended to post these photos of our apartment while we were still living in San Diego, but better late than never, right? 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

San Diego to South Carolina

I am so far behind in blogging that I hardly know where to start.  Maybe I should follow through with my intent to write shorter, more frequent posts instead of getting myself into the position I am now where I'm overwhelmed and don't think I can catch up. :-)  Oh well, here goes.  Since the last post, Kevin and I moved from San Diego to South Carolina.  We are excited about the new area we'll call home for many reasons, and here are some of those:

1.) Real estate is more affordable here so we get to be homeowners! 
2.) We're closer to the great state of Oklahoma, and thus, closer to loved ones.
3.) We get to live in a historic area in the South - which we think will be a great experience.
4.) We should get to live here for several years, and that's a long time to us.  (I say should because I have learned that nothing in military life is set in stone!)

Even though we're thrilled about this new chapter of our lives, we were sad to leave San Diego, too.  A bunch of reasons why:

1.) The weather was sunny and gorgeous almost all of the time...which made me very happy.
2.) The terrain was absolutely beautiful...unlike anything I'd ever seen.
3.) There were so many things to do and in our 15 months there, we didn't get to do all of them.
4.) It has Yogurtland, home of the best frozen yogurt ever. This is not a joke...it was delicious!

Nonetheless, we feel very blessed to be stationed in such wonderful places.  Thank you, USMC!

Here are a few of the last photos I took in fabulous San Diego.  In upcoming posts, I'll share photos of our apartment (since I never did that while we lived there), our cross-country drive and our new house.

Celebrating my birthday at George's Ocean Terrace

View from the corner of our apartment complex

Love of my life and the Pacific