Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home SWEET Home

After spending three glorious weeks in Texas and Oklahoma, Kevin and I are happy to be home. We absolutely love being back in Oklahoma or anywhere near it because it feels like home, but now that we are married...there's no better place than being together in our own home.

While Kevin was training in Ft. Worth, I made the rounds to see dear friends and family. My first stop was Dallas to celebrate the 30th birthday of my dear friend, Susan! She also let me stay in the guest room of her amazingly gorgeous high rise apartment, The Glass House. Yes, her place is as cool as it sounds! Susan, you are an amazing decorator with a beautiful sense of style. While I was in town, I saw Amanda & Simon, Ashlee, Allie, Jojo & Jason (+ Jackson) and a bunch of other college friends! I just love catching up with old friends face to face. :) As an added bonus, Kevin and I got to see each other more than I expected, and we got to hang out with some of his awesome college friends and their sweet families. To the Jones, Edmonds and Fatheree families, we had a fantastic time seeing all of you (and I'm so sad that I didn't have my camera when we hung out)! It was such a treat to see everyone and a lovely reminder that we are blessed with incredible friends. Stay tuned for more posts about our time in Texas and Oklahoma.
Happy Birthday, Susan!

Handsome baby Jackson

Theta Love!