Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time with Family, Part 1

In March, my father-in-law, Rick, came to visit, and we had a wonderful weekend with him!  We are so grateful that he came to see us, and we loved having him in our home.  His weekend here started out with an amazing tour of the area from the backseat of the F/A-18D Hornet!  Okay, technically it was from the F/A-18D Hornet simulator, but it certainly felt like we were flying because the cockpit was real and the graphics were unbelievably lifelike.  It was really neat to get a glimpse of what Kevin does when he's in the jet.

On Friday night, we had the pleasure of seeing Little Texas in concert about half an hour away from our house.  Kevin's Uncle Dwayne is a member of the band so we like to go to their concerts if they're playing anywhere near us.  Some of their biggest hits are "God Blessed Texas," "What Might Have Been" and "Kick A Little," and they always put on an awesome show.  

We also saw a movie, grilled outside and even spotted a gator while Rick was here.  All in all, a great O'Brien weekend!  (In case you're wondering, the alligator was not in our neighborhood...whew!)

Kevin, Kelly, Dwayne, Rick after the concert

Checking out the gator - he's in the water so you can barely see him

Like father, like son :)

Richard & Richard

Rick, thanks again for coming to South Carolina to see us!

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  1. We are lucky parents to have such hospitable kids!!


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